Our Church Family

Someone recently said of us that we are a "small community with big ideas." Maybe a better way of putting it is we are a small community with God-inspired ministries and plans.

We believe that Jesus literally meant it when He said to do things like love God with all of ourselves, to feed His sheep. to welcome little children, and to know that while man looks on the outside - God looks at our hearts. We also believe that if He has asked us to do something, He will provide all we need to accomplish and sustain it.

We're a church family that meets together on Sunday mornings, but then move on to meet with other branches of our family throughout the week. Some of us meet during the Tuesday afternoon times with the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet, some with the nursing home ministry on Wednesdays, some meet on Wednesday nights with our outreach ministry to kids and teens. Regardless of when we come together, though, we strive to love and lift one another up in prayer and through acts demonstrating the love and kindness of Jesus.

We believe in the redemptive and restorative work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Consequently, we are an eclectic group. Some of us have GEDs, some have master's degrees, some have spent time overseas, and some of us have spent time behind bars.

What unites us, and what we passionately pray for, is that we all remember we are saved by the grace of God and sanctified as we continue to yield all of ourselves to Him daily.

We're a Wesleyan church - and doctrinal beliefs and social issue positions are listed on the denomination's website at

We are non-traditional in many ways - we are casual in the way we dress, and serious in the way we worship through prayer and song (contemporary and hymns) - we have a female pastor - our church board loves one another and prays for unity on the board and in the church - and we love to laugh and spend time together as a church family (especially since many of us are great cooks).

We're not a group of people who try to "work God into a conversation." Instead, for most of us, talking about and talking to God is as natural as breathing - He is real, He is part of who we are, and we seek earnestly to reflect Him in all aspects of our lives.

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